Group of Professor Hans from the Aarhus University visits QIMG

Author:guangming zhao Updated:2015-08-31


During August 20 - 23,group of Prof. Hansfrom Aarhus Universityand other corporation partners visited our institute to discuss the implementation of “Global Network of Phragmites Common Gardens, PhragNet” with our staff. Hans Brix introduced the background and scientific significance in science of the project. Prof. Siyuan Ye and Dr. Hongming Yuan introduced the professional advantages of our institute and the preparation of the PhragNet in China. 

After detailed discussions on the issue, the guests accompanied by Prof. Ye and Chinese students, went to Panjin City in Liaoning Province for a field excursion on the PhragNet of Liao River Delta implemented by our institute.After this excursion, the guests expressed that they will provide more support not only for the ongoing project, but also for any future cooperation.