Experts from overseas and QIMG discussing together about gas hydrate techniques

Author:Changling Liu Updated:2015-11-13


A workshop on as hydrate techniques was held on October 21th through 22th in Qingdao Institute of Marine Geology (QIMG). Eight overseas experts from Korea, France and Canadawere invited toattend this symposium, together with more than 30 gas hydrate experts and researchers from Peking University, National Geological Experimental Testing Center and QIMGjoined the workshop. Prof. Wu Nengyou, the director of the key laboratory of gas hydrate (International center of gas hydrate, China Geological Survey—Peking University), and Prof. Lu Hailong from Peking university shared responsibility to preside the workshop.The primary objective of this workshop was to provide a forum where hydrate researchers could freely exchange information and discuss gas hydrate techniques in an effort to promote collaboration.