Technology Innovation Platform

Key laboratory of Marine Oil and Gas Resources and Environmental Geology, Ministry of Land and Resources


The laboratory was approved by Ministry of Land and Resources of China in 2007. Its mandate is to carry out basic and applied researches of marine oil and gas geology, marine environmental geology and coastal geology in order to comprehensively enhance scientific and technological innovation capabilities of marine resources development and protect marine environment.

The laboratory shall keep pace with international frontier in the development of marine geosciences and closely focuses on hot research subjects in marine resources geology and environment geology. In response to the needs for development of marine resources and protection of marine environment, the laboratory has actively devoted itself to solving key scientific questions in its research fields, integrating and developing new technology, and human resource development so as to set up a professional survey and research platform with distinctive and prominent advantages following the principles of “opening, exchange, cooperation and competition”.


(Holocene Sediment Thickness Distribution Map in Modern Yellow River Delta

Key research directions

Research on accumulation and occurrence of marine oil and gas resources

Marine geological and geophysical characteristics and evolutionary mechanisms

Environmental changes and land-sea interaction

Research on exploration technology and methodology for marine oil and gas resources

Main Achievements

Since its establishment, the key laboratory has sponsored 129 laboratory fund supported projects and published 492 papers (including 75 SCI papers and 251 papers in national core journals). Fruitful achievements have been made in the research on marine oil and gas resources accumulation model, marine environmental changes, coastal geoenvironmental monitoring, land and sea interactions, which provides theoretical basis and technological supports for marine oil and gas exploration, development and strategic research, protection of marine environment and sustainable economic development of coastal zones.


(Marine Regional Geological Survey Project of the People's Republic of China: As – Isopach Map of Surface Sediments – Qingdao Sheet