Research Fields

Marine geology survey and exploration technology

To carry out the research on integrated application of various technical methods for high-resolution surface and underwater navigation and positioning, subsea acoustic survey (multibeam, side scan sonar, acoustic stratigraphic section, high-resolution multi-channel seismic, etc.), marine non-acoustic survey (marine gravity, magnetic, controlled source electromagnetic survey, etc.), seabed geological sampling, submarine in-situ / on-site testing, and geological mapping in coastal regions, and to provide survey data and technical services for marine geological studies by other divisions .

Future Development:

Submarine data acquisition, processing and information integration technology

New technology and new methods for marine geophysical exploration

Three-dimensional geological survey technology and methods in coastal zones

Submarine geohazard survey and regional crustal stability evaluation

Key scientific research projects:

Study of the technical systems for marine gas hydrate investigation and evaluation

Exploration technology of marine oil and gas resources and its application

Survey and evaluation of crustal stability for Bohai Strait cross-sea passage