Research Fields

Marine Solid Mineral Geology

Fields of survey and research:

To carry out the survey, research and evaluation of marine aggregates and related resources in China seas, participate in the investigation, evaluation and research of deep sea polymetallic nodules, crusts, hydrothermal sulfides and other mineral resources sponsored by China for evaluation of deep sea mineral resources and study of deep sea mineralization.

Future Development:

Survey and research on resource potential of marine aggregates and related resources

Survey and assessment of valuable marine heavy mineral resources

Investigation and evaluation of oceanic mineral resources

Comparative study of mineralization for ancient and modern seafloor hydrothermal sulfides

Study of paleo-oceanography and paleo-environment and their effects on oceanic mineralization

Main Achievements:

       We have successively completed the survey and evaluation of marine aggregates and other detrital mineral resources in the Pearl River Estuary of the South China Sea, Zhoushan of the East China Sea, Chengshantou of the Yellow Sea, Liaodong Bay of the Bohai Sea, western Taiwan Strait and other offshore areas; drafted the technical specifications for investigation of inshore sand resources in China; ascertained the structure of shallow stratigraphy, seabed topography and the distribution pattern of marine aggregates in the surveyed areas; delineated the blocks where marine aggregates accumulate, estimated the potential of marine sand resources; and evaluated the possible impact of sea sand mining on offshore dynamic environment.